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SEKAI 2022 - Blind Infection 1

A ransomware encrypted some text file, but the user has already used an online paste website to save it. Read the firefox profiles backuped by snap and find tin the history the url of the paste.


Consider using a fresh virtual machine for this challenge, as you may risk losing your data. We are not responsible for any damages caused.

Customer: Please help me… I don’t know what I did but now I can’t access my personal files anymore!

Investigator: It looks like they were encrypted. Have you ever backed them up before?

Customer: Yes, I had some links, actually! But they were encrypted as well, so I’m not sure what to do now.

Attachment md5sum: 60937547d80207b1b4f2d4174a8d719a

Author: BattleMonger


Points: 470

Category: forensic

Validations: 23


After digging around the file and folder it stand out that the juicy stuf resides inside the /home/sekaictf/Documents folder where a lot of encrypted txt file are.

Inside the description, the customer tell us that he had some “links” as a backup. Using the tree -a command, a folder called snap/firefox has been found inside the home user folder. Inside this directory the profile of the customer can be found common/.mozilla/firefox/p3zapakd.default. To analyze quickly the firefox profile, the firefed tool has been used.

> $ firefed -f -p home/sekaictf/snap/firefox/common/.mozilla/firefox/p3zapakd.default/ history | grep -i paste

Opening one of the link shows that there is corelation of the encrypted .txt file and the paste. One of the encrypted txt file was flag.txt, so we think that one of the paste should contain the flag.

We wrote a simple python script to extract the different paste and search for a flag.

After a while, the flag SEKAI{R3m3b3r_k1Dz_@lway5_84cKUp} poped out of my console.

It is fun because I was already working on the second party of the challenge and I had the first blood only on the 2nd part, but in fact I had the first flag before the team that validated it.

Challenges resources are available in the resources folder

Written on October 1, 2022