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AlexCTF 2017 - Unknown Format

We received a USB PCAP of an update transaction between a computer and Amazon Kindle. After reconstructing the update, we used a tool called KindleTool in order to deobfuscate the binary, then we used some python code to inflate the malformed gzip inside.


Once more our agents managed to sniff data passed over USB, they told us that this is high profile data hidden by people knows what they are doing, they have dedicated devices for reading that secret file format. Can you help us finding what is the secret message?


Points: 200

Category: forensic

Validations: 54


We were given a file called usb_sniff.pcap. After digging around the file for a while it appears that it’s a USB transfer of several files. We looked on google first bytes of the transfer “SP01 and FC04” which led us to a github account KindleTool from NiLuJe. This tool help of reversing of image for many Kindle format.

We extracted first two packet of URB’s and then we reconstructed the image with cat:

cat packet1.bin packet.bin > packet.bin

After compiling the tool we tried some command to extract or convert the update without luck. We used the convert with -w option to unwrapp the signatures header and then the dm to deobfuscate the binary. After reading the code of KindleTool, we found that after the FC04 and some bytes there is a gziped sections of data.

We used dd to extract the broken gziped archive:

dd if=packet.bin of=broken.bin skip=1 bs=254

We tried to extract it with tar xvf whic didn’t works. We used then a simple python script from stackoverflow:

# http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2423866/python-decompressing-gzip-chunk-by-chunk
# http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3122145/zlib-error-error-3-while-decompressing-incorrect-header-check/22310760

def read_corrupted_file(filename, CHUNKSIZE=1024):
    d = zlib.decompressobj(zlib.MAX_WBITS | 32)
    with open(filename, 'rb') as f:
        result_str = ''
            while buffer:
                result_str += d.decompress(buffer)
        except Exception as e:
            print 'Error: %s -> %s' % (filename, e.message)
        return result_str

In [3]: read_corrupted_file("broken.bin")

The flag was: ALEXCTF{Wh0_N33d5_K1nDl3_t0_3X7R4Ct_K1ND13_F1rMw4R3}

Challenges resources are available in the resources folder

Written on February 4, 2017