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Y-Not-CTF - MadCow

The binary ask for an input and do a ton of computation on it. solved using an angr script.


Take your time to solve this one until the end of the CTF…


Points: 474

Category: reverse

Validations: 4


We were given a file called MadCow_3ad6db829e62619f19a299086c0f22cf94b36903.

After launching the file a nice cow in ascii art was shown.

 /             \
 `-_---' `---_-'
  <__|o` 'o|__>
     \  `  /
      ): :(
       "-"  03:19:05 remaining, take your time!!!

Nope, Try again!

Opening the file in ida pro shown a mess of calculation on the input.

It seems that is a nice candidate for angr.

We wrote a simple python script to bruteforce the flag.

import angr, simuvex, logging


p = angr.Project('./MadCow_3ad6db829e62619f19a299086c0f22cf94b36903', load_options={'auto_load_libs': False})

ex = p.surveyors.Explorer(find=(0x0401C4D, ),avoid=(0x0401C54,))
res = ex.run()

for i in res.found:
    print i.state.posix.dumps(0)

Running the script for 10 seconds give us the flag: YNOT17{4ngR_1ntr0duCt10n}.

Challenges resources are available in the resources folder

Written on November 17, 2017